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"..Rebuilding life.."

Global Crisis Interventions (GCI) is an international provider of humanitarian assistance.

Disaster Is Unpredictable, We Must Act Now

Global Crisis Interventions (GCI) is an international provider of humanitarian assistance working around the clock, reaching the world’s most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach people with life-saving assistance.

We focus our activities and funding on assisting the victims, rebuilding disaster struck communities. Our goal is to rebuild the healthcare system, fight against the spread of  communicable diseases that are very common in the aftermath of disasters.

We work collaboratively with the local community and international agencies to find creative ways to improve the lives of victims and their entire community. We rely on donations from caring individuals like you.  We accept cash and gift-in-kind donation.

Our first emergency and disaster relief effort start in New York City, where we provide services on daily basis to the shelters, to the refugees, and to the asylum seekers.

We roll out programs that address issues in five core sectors:

1. Disaster Relief / Humanitarian Assistance

2Global Health and WASH

3. Environmental Protection and Global Climate Change

4. Conflicts Resolution and Peace Building
5. Agriculture/Nutrition and Food Security

Areas of Interventions


  • We rebuild and rehabilitate medical centers and schools in nations affected by the disaster. 
  • We work with local communities during all phases of the disaster to increase access to healthcare, improve malnutrition, and protect them against any outbreak diseases. 
  • We train local medical staff to provide urgent care.


GCI team with communities to provide clearer, cleaner, and safer water, appropriate sanitation, and improve their hygiene. 


We provide food, medications, med supplies, and equipment to save lives, and reduce the socio-economic impacts of natural, man-made disasters, and armed conflicts in affected nations.

We provide relief to people forced to flee their homeland due to war, political unrest, famine, natural or man-made disaster. 

At GCI, we provide assistance before, during, and after a crisis. 



Many nations are subject to increasing temperature and inconsistent rain. The socio-economic threats are even higher. The food security is affected due to crop losses. Food insecurity, water scarcity,  natural disasters and inhospitable temperature are the effects of climate change that place people at risk in many african nations. 

At Global Crisis Interventions (GCI), we

  • Protect the ecosystem and reforestation of endanger species
  • Develop crops diversity (dietary variety)
  • Implement reforestation projects
  • Promote waste prevention and recycling worldwide 


In a war zone:

  • We support local people/use a community-based approach to stop violence escalating and build long-term peace. 
  • We use the 3 Rs approach: Rehabilitation, Reintegration, and Reinsertion of ex-combatants within their community. 
  • We fight against gender-based violence (GBV).
  •  We provide free urgent care and psychotherapy to all women, men, and children affected by the conflict.
  • We organize conferences on conflict resolution and peace building once a year.

Our Partners



Action pour la Dignite Humaine

ONGD Congo Action

5. Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation

The Everlasting Solution for Nutrition / Food Security

Our Food Security Program

Many children in impoverished countries suffer from malnutrition due to lack of food, and many medications need to be taken with food. From cash assistance received from people of goodwill like you, we buy food locally and feed the malnourished children.

Farmers are the solution to hunger and poverty. 

At GCI, we train local people for inefficient agriculture protection. We provide startup capital and financing in order to fight rural poverty and malnutrition in the aftermath. We promote and support global food security.

To curb the issue of food shortage and malnutrition in nations affected by disaster, we buy land and grow vegetables . 

Together we can stop the hunger crisis and ensure everyone has access to good nutritious food every day. 


CashAgricultural Equipment, Tractors & Other Machines

Donate by Phone

To pledge by phone or make a credit card contribution, please call us at:

(1) 646-409-8021 

8:00 AM and 8:00 PM (ET) 


By Mail

Send your check to:

Global Crisis Interventions

2544 8th Ave Suite 4 B

New York, NY 10030

Any questions?

 Email us at:  [email protected] 


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