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We are a group of public health providers and humanitarian assistance ambassadors.

Global Crisis Interventions in New York

Global Crisis Interventions (GCI) drew its experience from pain and human suffering through a long journey in refugee camps and the love received from the Nuns Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa) and volunteers of goodwill. Our founder believes that : this world holds bright future that will be seen once we all agree to build a peaceful world full of love and compassion”.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which children have access to education and healthcare system, and where victims of disaster become self-resilient.

Mission Statement

Assist the victims of disasters to rebuild their communities and become self-resilient.

How To Reach Our Goals

We reach our goals through collaborative efforts by building local infrastructure and capacity so that the donated products can reach our beneficiaries.

Our Commitment

To fulfill its global mission, GCI maintains a true commitment to diversity, equal opportunity, and fear of God. GCI provides services to all victims regardless of their gender, race, nationality, religion, ethnic background, or origin. 

GCI is a 501(C)(3) Emergency and Disaster Relief organization supporting charitable activities worldwide.​

We focus our activities and funding on assisting needy individuals, by rebuilding medical centers and schools in nations affected by disasters. 

Our core initiatives include disaster relief , global health and WASH, agriculture and nutrition/food security, conflict resolution/peacebuilding, and environmental protection.


Through this urgent need for public health and disaster relief in countries affected by catastrophes, GCI was incorporated in September 2008 as a bridge between developed and developing countries in terms of emergency preparedness and disaster management.

Since acquiring the 501(C)(3) status in June 2009, GCI has participated in several disaster responses by shipping containers of medicines, and medical supplies to victims in nations affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters.


At GCI, we understand that very good corporate transparency and governance remain a major key to our ability to be trusted by our donors, beneficiaries, partners, local authority, and the community we serve. 

We always take our beneficiaries’ interests and are accountable to them. Each employee, volunteer, and member of GCI abide by our code of business conduct, rules and regulations, corporate policy, and ethics.

Partner With Us

The only way we can achieve sustainable solutions to global challenges t​oday is through collaborative efforts to build local infrastructure and capacity so that the products can reach to our beneficiaries.

Key Staff

1.  Haron Mastaki : Chief Executive Officer

2. Anita Amani: Logistics and Donation distribution

3. Alimasi Mutulwa: Human Resources /DRC

4. Arnold Masamba: HR Kinshasa/DRC

5. Dr. Kilambi A. Lusakueno, MD Country Coordinator

6. Dr. Mwame B. Lundimu: MD Kinshasa

7. Dr. Mousa Djafari Enock : Punia - Maniema 

8. Dr. Ronsard Masamba: Medical Clinic Kinshasa

9. Edwin Chuku Zeon:  Country Director / Liberia

10. Nathalie Tshidibi Kalala : HR and Legal Affairs

11. Charlotte Safi K: Chief Operation Officer

12. Nade B: Country Director - Ivory Coast

13.  Prince Abraham Nkulu: Country Director/DRC

14. Ziada Katepe: Human and Social Services

15. Dr. Jean Baptiste Zindu: Global Health and WASH

16.  Kaya P. Yani: Agriculture and Nutrition

17.  Stanislas Ibeyo: Environmental Protection /Punia

18. Shabani Benz Dauda: Logistic/ Maniema

Board of Directors

1. Andrea Webb, RN: Med Advisor

2. Jean Baptiste Zindu, MD.: Med Advisor

3. Millicent Boahemaa, DNP: Med Advisor

4. Sheila Geraghty, J.D: Legal Advisor

5. Gideon S. Kiyele JD: Vice Chair

6. Laticia Sam, MPA: Chair-CFO

7. Haron Mastaki, MD., MPA, MSc: Med Advisor

Financial Accountability

Global Crisis Interventions (GCI) is an efficient, effective, and transparent not-for-profit organization recognized by charity navigators and the Better Business Bureau. 98% of donated resources go directly to our beneficiaries. For every dollar donated to GCI, $40 in medical supplies and medicine is given to the victims of the disaster.