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Take a closer look at what we do.

What We Do

Based in New York, Global Crisis Interventions (GCI) is an emergency disaster organization that provides humanitarian assistance to disaster-struck communities worldwide.

Global Health

Any chronic disease remains the 21st Century public health challenge. We place more emphasis on chronic disease preventive care. The persistent conditions of chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disabilities worldwide. GCI provides medicine, medical supplies, vitamins, and food to the victims in remote areas of impoverished countries strike by disaster or armed conflicts.

International Program

We rebuild and rehabilitate schools and medical centers in nations strike by disaster and armed conflicts. 

In our clinics, we provide lab tests, treatments and Psychotherapy to the victims of disaster suffering from 

  • Trauma Wounds
  • Diabetes
  • Malaria
  • Hypertension
  • STIs
  • And so on...

We screen for early detection at-risk populations for HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, HBP, Asthma. We partake in any outbreaks, immunization/vaccination campaign. We organize community health events in IDPs and refugee camps. 

We send out short-term medical mission teams to impoverished countries every 2 years to provide special medical care to those in need. Surgical procedures are performed by specialists from USA, Canada, or Europe assisted by local partner physicians during our short-term medical mission trips. 

GCI welcomes the world's most preeminent healthcare professionals, students, and researchers to join our mission of providing medical services to the victims of disaster (wounded and traumatized survivors), during, and in the aftermath of the disaster.

We partner with local hospitals and private clinics sponsored by international organizations. All victims of disaster get free or at low costs medical treatments in our clinics. Because of huge demand, these clinics run out of supplies very often.


 We accept donation of non expired medicines, medical supplies, and equipment.

WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene)

Our WASH Program is integrated with other programs like maternal and child health, agriculture and environmental protection/sustainability. Many African people especially women and girls (90%) living in rural areas walk every day long distances to get drinking water for their families, often collecting it from unsafe sources.

These conditions have profound effect on public health causing illnesses and diseases (like diarrhea, cholera and typhoid) and undernutrition in children under 5 years old. 

To fight this health crisis, GCI provides children and families with access to safe water and sanitation facilities while promoting safe hygiene practices.

We support the construction of pit latrines. We educate local people and promote healthy behaviors such as hand washing with soap. 

We train local people how to take care of their water and sanitation services.

By improving access to clean and safe water, we improve health and safety of the entire community

Support Our Water and Sanitation Projects

You can donate one time, monthly, or become our lifetime sponsor: $20, $40, $100, $200, $500

WASH fund helps us to buy the drilling equipment and solar water pump needed. 

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

As part of our environment protection and sustainable development, we:

  • Control and prevent degradation of water, air, land, and vegetation
  • Improve productivity and condition of degraded areas
  • Enhance and conserve man-made and natural heritage as well as biological diversity of unique ecosystems
  • Reduce the use of meat, fossil fuels, and other resources and stabilize the population
  • Raise understanding and awareness of the link between development and environment
  • Promote individual and community participation and also the international cooperation
  • Promote nationally endangered or threatened species and ecological communities

Promote Waste Prevention and Recycling Nationwide

By reducing and reusing, we are reducing solid waste management cost for individuals, businesses, for property owners, and for our nation as well. 

Your contribution to this program benefits the underserved children and the victims of disasters.

Disaster Relief/ Humanitarian Assistance

Rather than just responding, we harness the power of academia to help more communities prepare and withstand disasters before they hit. We believe there is a major gap in how preparedness and emergency response efforts are approached and deployed by responders.

GCI supports and funds groundbreaking education and emergency management programs in African nations. In the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters, women and girls face disproportionate threats to their health, including gender-based violence, pregnancy complications, and psychosocial challenges.

We integrate sexual and reproductive health into our disaster preparedness and response program in order to prevent and address gender-based violence’s threats cause to young girls and women. 

Immediately after a disaster, local health facilities can become critical response hubs and cornerstones for community long-term recovery.

Help Us To Take Care of the Victims of Disaster


Peace, Security and Social Justice

We advocate for peace, security, and social justice. We take on armed and ethnic conflicts at a global scale, advocating for change through our annual conference on conflicts resolution and peacebuilding.

In an armed conflict zone, we use a community-based approach to stop violence escalating and build everlasting peace. In the aftermath, in partnership with other international organizations, we use the rehabilitation, reintegration, and reinsertion of ex-combatants within their community. We provide free urgent care and psychological support to those affected by the conflict.

Our facilities have the resilient infrastructure, evidence-based emergency response plans, and trained medical doctors and committed staff who advocate on behalf of young girls and women victims of gender-based violence (GBV). We organize a series of conferences and seminars domestically and internationally on conflict resolution, disaster management, and peacebuilding for nations affected by armed conflicts. 

We train tomorrow’s peacebuilders or advocate within the community. We promote a peaceful environment for sustainable development. We work very closely with local churches and organizations to support traumatized victims.

GCI Vision To Fight Poverty in Developing Countries

We always seek new ways to embrace entrepreneurship and creativity so we can better help our partner countries accelerate their progress on their journey to self-reliance. We build schools and orphanages for children.

No Child Left Behind

With more than 263 million young people not in school globally, a significant part of a generation is at risk of getting left behind. As one of the most basic building blocks of a better future, access to quality education is not only a basic human right, it is a critical component of our organization for a more productive and happier life.

Our current projects include building schools and orphanages in areas affected by armed conflicts in DRC, Uganda, and CAR.

Vocational Training Programs

Access to quality education is a very basic human right, a critical component of a foundation for a more productive and better future life. In most developing countries affected by armed conflicts, vocational training is an investment. It increases productivity and economic growth within the community.

In nations torn by armed conflicts, we provide hands-on and business training to ex-combatants, women, and to the homeless school aged children to build a stable future.:

Carpentry | Lab Technician | Masonry | Welding Tech | Computer Tech | Nursing Assistant

Volunteer With GCI

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Global Crisis Interventions. GCI is always looking for more people to help. We mobilize short-term mission groups to support and train healthcare providers in our established mission centers.

We welcome healthcare professionals, students, and researchers to join our medical mission trips to provide medical and psychotherapy to the wounded, traumatized victims and to the survivors of rape and armed conflicts.

Your donated goods are given away to the homeless, orphans, refugees, victims, and survivors of the disaster in New York City first and the remaining stock is distributed in refugees’ camps in Malawi, Uganda, D.R. Congo, and in CAR, where there is great need.

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